TEMP HOURS Monday-Wednesday 10 am-5 pm | CALL (509) 956-3165 FOR AN APPOINTMENT

The SonBridge Dental Clinic is a non-profit facility committed to resolving the unmet dental needs of our neighbors and friends in the Walla Walla Valley and surrounding areas. The clinic is located behind the radio tower on the southeast corner of the SonBridge Community Center building (opposite end from the Thrift & Gift Store). We accept Washington state's ProviderOne AppleHealth insurance. Also, offered is a "reduced fees" cash program to those meeting financial guidelines. We accept CreditCards, but not "CareCredit". Appointments are required to see the dentist or hygienist and receive treatment. Call 509•956•3165 to qualify and schedule an appointment.

Our clinic has a dentist with support staff all of which are committed to relieving dental discomfort and pain. SonBridge Dental is also networked with two local dentists to provide IV sedation or general anesthesia for specific patient needs, as well as limited oral surgery. We have also connected with excellent denturists in Walla Walla and Tri-Cities to provide this service to the clients who need it. For teeth fillings, silver or tooth-colored resin fillings are used depending on location, visibility, and long-term strength.

If SonBridge Dental Clinic can be of service to you, please call 509•956•3165 to make an appointment or for those without Medicaid, call Helpline at 509•529•3377 to begin the eligibility process. 


SonBridge Dental Clinic also partners with Helpline of Walla Walla. Helpline's dental voucher program provides access to emergency dental care. The screening process will include an assessment of your income and other financial resources. If you are a Walla Walla County resident needing an extraction or filling you may be eligible for an appointment. Please contact Helpline of Walla Walla directly at 509•529•3377. Helpline will NOT determine eligibility on the telephone. 


• Current & pending medical history
• Contact | Current phone number(s) make sure we can leave a message
• Flexibility | if we have an emergency patient, we might need to shuffle your appointment. We promise to get you in ASAP if you allow the emergency patients to fill your appointment time.
• Call to confirm you are coming, leave a message if we are unable to receive your call right away.
• Check-in 5 minutes before. 
• If you have two missed appointments, we lose the privilege of providing your dental care needs. We will gladly forward your records to your new dental care provider. When you do not keep your appointment, that takes away dental services that could be helping someone that is struggling with their oral health. 


Download the form, fill it in, and save it to your computer.

Then email to dentalclinic@(if you can see this please update your browser)

Retired, volunteer dentists are eligible for assistance for licensing and continuing education.  See