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Support SonBridge

SonBridge has many faces but one mission: to help those in need. 

Your donation might help buy supplies for an English as a Second Language class, cover a monthly power bill, get a community member to an interview, or relieve dental pain.

No matter where you want your money to go in SonBridge's budget, we can promise you that it will help change lives in the Walla Walla Valley.


Holding Hands
1000 Friends of SonBridge

SonBridge invites you to join us on our newest and boldest venture, “1000 Friends of SonBridge.” This simple project will utilize the awesome power of community and fellowship to leave a positive impact on our city. All that is needed is an automated donation of $10 a month. It doesn’t sound like much until you think about 999 other people in the community doing it as well. Follow these simple steps to become a Friend of SonBridge. 


To become one of the 1000 Friends of SonBridge please follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the Donate button below

2. Choose "1000 Friends of SonBridge"

3. Enter donation amount of at least $10

4. Choose "Monthly" donation frequency

5. Fill the rest of the form with your information.

We tremendously value your help and support!

Woman Driving

Do you have a car, truck, boat, motor home, jet ski, snowmobile, tractor, RV, or motorcycle, that sits in your garage not getting as much use as it once did? Is selling too much of a hassle for you? Bring it over to SonBridge and watch it transform lives. We are currently accepting all sorts of vehicles listed, whether they run or not. You can receive a tax-deductible receipt in return. 


Contact the main office at 509•529•3100 for more information.

*Please note that some donations may not be cost-effective for SonBridge to accept. 

Donation Boxes

It is important to consider how your assets can best be used when you are no longer around. SonBridge’s Legacy Society is composed of individuals who are committed to making a long-lasting impact on the Walla Walla Valley both through outright and deferred gifts. If you are considering this option, SonBridge would be honored to be the stewards of your assets, be they real estate, stocks, mutual funds, rare items, or other forms of capital. At SonBridge, these assets would be used to improve the health and wellbeing of our community. 


Please consider adding SonBridge to your will or trust. For more information on this process, contact the main office at 509•529•3100.


*Please note, that some donations may not be cost-effective for SonBridge to accept. 

Give the Gift of Time

Studies have shown that volunteering can improve one’s relationship with their community as well as their physical and mental health. If you have some free time on your hands, come be a part of the services we bring to our community by becoming a volunteer. We have something for everyone to do based on their skill set and time commitment. Call the office to make a visit and see what’s best for you. We look forward to seeing you. 

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