EDUCATION CHANGES EVERYTHING That's why, here at SonBridge, we want to give everyone a chance to learn even the most basic skills. Throughout the year, different sets of classes are offered each quarter. These classes range from English as a Second Language to Healthy Cooking on a Budget. Each class in our Successful Living Seminars is taught by volunteers of the community dedicated to making education available to our community. 

Most of our classes are free of cost. Assistance is available for the few classes that are not free. 

Weekly seminars and support groups meeting at SonBridge provide education and nurture social and emotional health. By participating in SonBridge Successful Living Seminars, individuals learn how to overcome life's challenges through community inclusion and social relationships. These seminars provide an environment that encourages growth and creativity, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential by finding help, discovering hope, and experiencing the power of healing. 

SUCCESSFUL LIVING SEMINARS (Several postponed due to gathering restrictions)

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations 
  • Family Caregivers Support Group
  • Alzheimer's Support Group
  • Impact Classes - Life Transitions
  • Women's Bible Study
  • Surviving Suicide Loss Support
  • Overeater's Anonymous
  • Mental Illness Information & Support
  • AARP Driving Safety Class

For a list of current and on-going classes, download this quarter's class schedule by clicking on the picture above! 


At SonBridge, we see education as one of the most important community improvement tools, the only way to “get ahead of the curve” and proactively improve the lives of our community’s under-served. As an integral part of our ministry, education is a true and real fulfillment of our mission to “connect the underserved in the Walla Walla Valley with resources to empower transformational change.”

The new Educational Center for Better Living consists of an additional auditorium that seats 250 people and can be further divided into six separate classrooms. This new expansion, combined with the existing classrooms, allows for 10 different meeting spaces. This increase in space will allow us to serve over 12,000 attendees per year, which is three times greater than our current number of attendees.


The foundation, roof, structure, and interior construction are complete.  What remains to be completed is furnishing the classrooms and installing classroom tools.

The Education Center will play an important role in amplifying the effectiveness of the existing medical, dental, and social services we have available. Also, it will allow for expanding services and offering new programming, thus improving the overall health and wellness of Walla Walla Valley residents.