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One of the many things SonBridge does is work with Helpline, a local Walla Walla social agency, when community members need clothing. By having a Thrift & Gift Store as part of SonBridge's outreach, we can give back to people who need clothing or items for their homes. Megan* came to us with a clothing voucher eager to share her excitement about two job interviews.


Megan was currently homeless and wearing the only clothes she owned. Knowing that the right outfit could help her get hired, SonBridge's team eagerly took her over to our Thrift & Gift Store and helped her find the perfect interview outfit. Telling SonBridge how excited she was to see the transformation provided by her new outfit, Megan exclaimed, “I feel like a million bucks!”


SonBridge is proud to be part of this extraordinary story. Please pray for the people who SonBridge shares the love of Jesus.


*Name changed