Volunteer With Us!

 “I help SonBridge because the SOS Clinic saved my daughter’s life.” 

—Construction volunteer 

The key to SonBridge's effectiveness and influence are volunteers.  

With volunteer labor valued in Washington state at $24.14/hour, our largest group of supporters, the volunteers, give over $28,000 monthly. This figure is based on the minimum commitment requirement asked of our volunteers of 3 hours per week, but many of our volunteers give time above and beyond this minimum on a regular basis. 

If you are specifically interested in volunteering at the SonBridge Dental Clinic, click here.

SonBridge is run by people who are passionate about service. Because we have so many things to offer our community, we have a number of diverse ways to serve. Call (509) 529-3100 or click here for a full list of areas in which you can serve.

Already know where you want to serve? Fill out the form below, or mail/fax us a completed printable form.

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