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INFORMATION we need from you


Accurate Medical Information

Are you having surgery soon? Are there any pending medical activities that we should be aware of? Have you been hurt or injured since your last visit? A copy of your medication list from your "MyChart" record is appreciated.

Dentist Office


Contact Information

We will need your current phone number in order to reach you and leave messages. This is important for us to know in case a scheduled appointment has to be rescheduled. 


Call to

We have patients in need of immediate treatment. If you cannot make it to your appointment, let us know as soon as possible so that we can move ahead and assist people with dental pain. 

At the Dentist


Keep Your Appointments

As a courtesy to our hard-working staff, please check in no later than five minutes before your appointment. If you have two missed appointments, we lose the privilege of providing you with your dental care needs. When you do not keep your appointment, that takes away dental services that could otherwise be a relief to someone who is in pain. 

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