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Cooking Around the World

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

What a fun time 14 youth had last week cooking .... and there were more students who wanted to join but there was just not enough space!

After 4 days of learning to cook, these kids really felt like they were chefs and were ready to start cooking for others. Some were even heard to express how they were going to use this experience preparing to be a chef for their career.

Heidi McFarley taught these young chefs how to chop, sauté, blend and whisk. Many of the youth commented on how much fun it was to learn from Chef McFarley, who has run her own restaurant.

The group created food from different countries each of the four days of camp. Monday's cuisine was from Mexico, Tuesday from Vietnam, Wednesday from Spain and Friday from India.

The wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen made our mouths water all afternoon and we were hoping there would be leftovers. But each day the kids ate all that they had cooked and enjoyed the fruits of their labors.

We are looking forward to more cooking classes to be held at SonBridge in the future. We will be planning additional classes for youth as well as adding adult classes.

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