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Rosie and the van

Close to the entrance of Andy’s Market, there is a box for people to place their prayer requests. Every so often SonBridge volunteer and chaplain, Steve Chinn will collect the requests and pray over them with his Sabbath School team at the University Church. One of these prayer requests was from a lady named Rosie who was in need of a car to commute to her job. Steve found her contact information written below her prayer request, so he reached out to see what SonBridge could do for her. Around this time, SonBridge had an old Plymouth van in their lot that they were eager to sell. There was one problem, however: this van which was equipped to be used as a vehicle for physically handicapped people had a broken chairlift.

During her search for a car, Rosie lost her job at the farm she worked at. Fortunately, the repair turned out to only cost less than $4 and Rosie was able to purchase the van and find a job in town. Yet the blessing doesn’t end there, with her van equipped with a wheelchair lift, Rosie is able to earn a side income by driving people with handicaps around town to their appointments and errands. Not too long after Rosie found a job as a cleaning lady, she was laid off because of the strict mandates in Washington State to contain the Coronavirus. As the holidays were approaching, Rosie wanted to drive over to her sister’s across the state, and then fly to Florida to see her family for Christmas. She needed work to earn money for gas. The team at SonBridge gave her what odd jobs they could. Then at the end of the day, Kitty approached Rosie with a check of $300 written for her by one of Steve Chinn’s Sabbath School mates. Rosie was overwhelmed with gratitude. She would not only have enough money to travel but also pay for her car insurance as well.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.” - Romans 8:28

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