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  • Annie Gibson

The Envelope Surprise

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Not long ago, volunteer Shirley P. received a plastic bag full of clothing that was donated to the Thrift Store. On the outside of the bag was an envelope with a message of gratitude written on it.

“I read the note, no signature, and thought, ‘How precious. This makes my volunteering here worth the time." Shirley was touched, yet still confused as to why the envelope was outside the bag instead of inside it.

She opened the envelope to find something slim, perhaps another paper note, wrapped up. As she began to unwrap the contents, she found ten $100 bills.

“I had to shed tears of joy and immediately praised God for the grateful person or persons who had so generously given of their means to help SonBridge.”

At SonBridge, we are always grateful for the generous donations of clothing, time, and money that people give. It is with this gratitude that we do our best to give back as generously to the community that supports us. Thank you for your contributions and support.

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